Faith #1: Ephesians 6 vs 17 (DIGITAL)

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Faith has always lived his life home schooled by his parents; his parents noticed how special he was right from when he started talking as a baby; Whatever faith said came to pass 90% of the time, because of this, his parents kept him away from society to prevent him from being corrupted by the things of the world. At the age of 6 his powers had grown exponentially; he could locate those fighting spiritual battles and help them fight demons oppressing them. His parents taught him to pray and made him believe; whatever he asked or prayed about would always be answered and then they finally released him to society


5 reviews for Faith #1: Ephesians 6 vs 17 (DIGITAL)

  1. Nsikak Udofia

    I just want more!! Its that good.

  2. Renua

    It’s nice

  3. Maria (verified owner)

    Wow. The plot. Wow.

  4. Lydia


  5. Lydia

    It’s like faith is a person
    Wow, creative and talented
    God bless πŸ™

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